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The Wait is Over! 50 New Ken Thieneman Homes are Coming to Orell Station

Over a decade ago, we acquired a large tract of land in Orell, a beautifully-situated neighborhood in Louisville, just a stone’s throw from the Ohio River. Our plan was simple: Build dozens of Ken Thieneman homes and convert this barren real estate into a brand new, thriving subdivision that housed families and reinvigorated the surrounding community.

Then, in 2008, just as we began planning the next phase of the project, the U.S. housing bubble burst, which not only sent shockwaves throughout the entire global economy, but also took an incredible toll on the housing industry, affecting markets, buyers and builders.

The Great Recession completely derailed our plans in Orell. We needed a loan to break ground. As anyone who tried to get a loan in the wake of the recession already knows, banks that had previously been willing to sign off on these types of projects became skittish.

What followed was a very frustrating period for Ken Thieneman Builder and the Orell community. The community wanted this project in the works, and home buyers that had expressed interest were saddened to see the delay.

We waited and waited to get the loan that would make this happen. Just as it seemed like our vision for Orell would never come to fruition, we found a partner that brought our vision back to life.

Now, after 10 long years of being stuck in limbo, we are pleased to announce that Stock Yards Bank & Trust has made this development possible, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this project off the ground.

In June of 2018, we broke ground for Phase Two of Orell Station, and we have Stock Yards Bank & Trust to thank.

What the Development Means for Orell

The loan that kicked off this project was a shot in the arm for our team, but it’s also a tremendous boost for this community. Orell Station is the perfect location for people that work in Louisville and the surrounding areas. Located off Dixie Highway near the Gene Snyder Freeway, this centrally located community will offer an accessible, quiet environment that is close to all the many offerings of Louisville.

When a housing development of this scale comes to a neighborhood, it brings a rising tide to local businesses. Hundreds of additional Orell Station residents will now call this community home, which is great news for nearby schools, restaurants and retailers.

We can’t wait to see the positive economic and social impacts these homes have on Orell, and we’ve already talked to several home buyers that can’t wait to move into their new Ken Thieneman home.

Finally, 50 New Ken Thieneman Homes are Underway in Orell Station

Our team is hard at work, building the future homes of dozens of families. The same trusted contractors that we’ve relied on for decades are working with us to make good on our hopes for Orell Station. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer the quality homes that people associate with our company.

It’s been a long time coming and, now, it’s time to get to work.

We offer our clients more than just a house. We offer them a home of the highest quality, built on their wants and needs. Whether you want a well-crafted home that is ready for you today, or the chance to work with a builder to create a plan that meets your exact specifications, you can always trust that we’ll deliver a home that lives up to our reputation.

Contact Ken Thieneman today to get started on the home you’ve always wanted.

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