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Blinds, Drapes or Nothing at All – What Should You Do with Your Windows?

Let’s say you have a few beautiful, large windows in your home. There they sit, just waiting to have something placed on them. You like the view and the natural light that fills your room, but you know that you’re supposed to do something with windows.

Well, you have found yourself at the crossroads all homeowners eventually arrive at. Down one path are blinds and, down the other, are drapes (or curtains). Or, you could just do nothing and call it a job well done.

Like any choice you make with your home’s design, there are clear tradeoffs. Let’s walk through your options to help you decide which path to choose.

Why You Should Choose Drapes

If you want to be technical about it, you can either opt for drapes or curtains. They aren’t the same, but we’ll lump them together here since they are serving the same purposes. The benefits of drapes and curtains are threefold: You can block out unwanted light, increase the privacy of your room and add another design element to the space.

The drawbacks are less light in your room and a higher price. Though you can find drapes and curtains in varying qualities of fabric, the higher end options will typically cost more than blinds.

Why You Should Choose Blinds

Just as curtains and drapes are commonly grouped together, so are blinds and shades. Yes, there is a difference, but they serve a very similar function. They offer you more control over the light and privacy in your room. Both options tend to be more affordable than high-end drapes, though shades have improved dramatically over the years, and you can find several visually appealing options that cost more.

It’s worth noting that many blinds and some shades will not completely be capable of blocking out light. They might also leave your room slightly visible when it’s dark outside and your room is fully lit.

Why You Should Leave It Alone

Of course, there’s nothing that says you have to put anything on your windows. A nice open window can let in a lot of natural daylight, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but could save you costs on your electric bill.

For most people, however, completely unobstructed windows are a deal breaker. They leave your space completely exposed to anyone who wants to look into your home. Drapes, curtains, blinds and shades can all be pulled back or raised to let in plenty of light, and they also give you the option of covering your windows at night.

Or You Could Pair Drapes and Blinds Together

If you find the right combination of blinds and drapes, there’s no law preventing you from putting both on your window. Some home designers might snarl at this idea but utilizing both is not unheard of for people that want to place many layers on a window.

Ultimately, your decision will depend on the room in which the window sits. Blinds are a popular choice in bathrooms, where aesthetics often take second place to functionality. By investing in drapes for a space like a den or living room, you can find the perfect fabric to complement the rest of your decor. In bedrooms, blackout drapes and curtains are popular because they allow you to keep a completely dark room while you sleep.

There are so many options at your disposal. The good news is that there is no wrong choice. When it comes to your home, you are the master of your domain.

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