The Case for Building a New Construction Home

In the search for your new home, you’ve likely heard many horror stories about those unfortunate souls who chose to build their home rather than buy an existing one. No doubt, many people do have bad experiences when they choose to build a new home, but that doesn’t mean you will, too.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a home that is ready immediately or you’re hoping to work with a custom builder, so much of your experience will hinge on factors including the property you’re considering and, perhaps more importantly, the people you’re working with.

The path to your new home doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, if you work with the right builder, there are several advantages to building your own home.

Seeing Your Vision Come to Life

Most buyers have at least some ideas about what they want out of their home. The biggest advantage of new construction homes is the ability to see those ideas become a reality.

When you buy an existing home, you often make compromises to your vision, or you might end up investing a great deal of money renovating the property to make it resemble the house you really wanted. If you know exactly what you’re looking for and you can’t seem to find in an existing home that fits the bill, then a custom build is an excellent option.

If you’re worried that this sounds like a costly undertaking, you shouldn’t be.

The Price Difference Isn’t as Big as You Might Suspect

The reason many buyers shy away from building is the fear that it will be too expensive. People assume that anything new, especially a home, will be pricey. They’ve also heard stories of builders going way over budget.

Contrary to these beliefs, building a new home isn’t as big of a price jump as you think. When you work with a reputable, experienced builder, you can be sure that all costs have been factored in. The builder knows what you are prepared to pay beforehand, and everything is designed to meet that budget.

This is how we do things at Ken Thieneman Builder Incorporated. The reason so many people choose to work with us is that they know we’ll deliver on time, on budget and in keeping with your vision of the home you want to live in.

With the Right Builder, the Process Is Rewarding

Buyers are often surprised when they see what they can get with their budget. We’ve met with many clients who have been through the mill in their search for a home. The existing homes they’ve seen are either too expensive or just don’t offer them what they need.

So many of our clients came to us believing that they would end up purchasing an existing home. They assumed that it would be the more affordable path to take. However, once they saw the quality home that we could offer with their budget, they realized they really could get the home they’ve always hoped for. That’s the experience we want to offer home buyers. The process of buying a home should be exciting, not nerve-wracking.

We encourage you to consider all your options when looking for your next home. Don’t convince yourself that a custom build is out of the question. Before writing off the possibility of building a new home, talk to us and see what we can do within your budget. You might be surprised at how affordable your vision for your next home really is.

Contact Ken Thieneman today to get started on the home you’ve always wanted.

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