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Three Carpeting Options for Your Home

Homeowners make few interior design decisions as crucial as carpeting. Carpet can make or break a space. If you’re considering your flooring options, we’re sorry for putting that kind of pressure on you. But you should know that your final decision will impact your budget, your cleaning routine and the look of your home’s interior.

As you weight your carpeting options, we’d like to suggest you narrow the field the three candidates. Our three contenders for the best home carpeting will be wall-to-wall, throw rugs and replaceable squares. Each contestant brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and your final choice will vary depending on your unique preferences. You might even find that each has a place in your home. 

Contestant No. 1: Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting has been a popular option in American homes for decades. It can dramatically change the look of a space, and it is often a favorite in bedrooms, home offices and dens. As you know, there are nearly endless carpet types available (Berber, plush, textured, cable, etc.), so whether it meets your needs depends on the fibers and construction cut you land on. 

In general, the benefits of wall-to-wall carpeting include comfort, insulation and noise reduction. This option can really make a room feel warm and cozy, but there is a trade-off for these perks. If your carpet becomes damaged or deeply stained, it might be permanent. Some types of carpet will easily gather dust and dirt. If not cleaned properly and regularly, this could wreak havoc on your sinuses. 

Contestant No. 2: Throw Rugs

If you have a beautiful hardwood floor and don’t want to make a huge change to your room, then row rugs are a great option. Just like wall-to-wall carpeting, there are many different materials you can choose from, each with its own characteristics. The beauty of a replaceable rug, however, is the fact that if it becomes stained or simply doesn’t suit your tastes any longer, you can replace it with another throw rug. 

Throw rugs can be used to prevent scratches on your hardwood floor, and they can also have some of the same noise reduction properties as wall-to-wall carpeting. You won’t get the same insulation as you would with other options, but there is a lot of flexibility when you choose throw rugs. 

Contestant No. 3 – Replaceable Squares

Replaceable squares, including variations like carpet tiles, come in several varieties, so you’ll have many choices available. Some of the most popular types of replaceable squares are interlocking mats. These varieties are ideal for basements or areas of your home where you need some sort of padding. In these cases, replaceable squares are less about aesthetics and more about practicality. 

Carpet tiles, on the other hand, are another form of replaceable squares that can cover part of your floor or the entire space. These options give you many of the same benefits as throw rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. You might even keep a couple squares stored away, which you can use to replace any parts of your rug that become damaged.

When Weighing Your Options, Consider the Needs of Your Space

Keep in mind the look you’re going for and the insulation needs of your space. You will likely want different flooring options in several rooms of your home. Each of the three candidates we’ve discussed can be affordable if you choose the right material, though it’s worth noting that wall-to-wall to options will require the most commitment because of installation needs. 

These are the types of decisions that we love considering with homeowners. We work with clients to build custom homes in the Louisville area, and we always walk them through their many available options to make sure their home has everything they’re looking for. 

Call Ken Thieneman to Learn More About Our Custom Homes

If you’re considering buying a home in Louisville, you should contact Ken Thieneman to find out more about our custom homes. You might be surprised at how affordable a high-quality custom home can be. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional homes on time and on budget. Contact Ken Thieneman today to learn more about getting the home you’ve always wanted. 

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