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Which Home Interior Colors Are in Fashion for 2019?

If you want to feel overwhelmed, try finding a consensus on the most popular home interior colors. You’ll find an endless number of lists, each filled with colors you didn’t know existed and each with a completely different set of choices.

We want to help you make sense of the options. If this is one of your favorite topics, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the industry’s lists for 2019’s trends, which we’ll discuss below. But if you’re the type who just wants to pick a color and be done with it, then we have you covered, too.

Before we look at what the industry is predicting for the year to come, let’s briefly consider just how powerful color is and why it is worth taking the time to weigh your options.

The Power of Color 

Color carries weight. It has emotional, psychological and social power that can draw us in or repel us. Colors also come with contradictions. Red warns of us danger, but it’s also the signature color of the year’s most romantic day – that’s Valentine’s Day, in case you were wondering. Blue is considered a colder color, though blue is also the color of the hottest part of a flame. Green is the color of a warm, inviting garden and the delicious food it produces. But if someone “turns green,” they are either envious or very ill.

When it comes to our homes, colors are just as powerful. A Zillow analysis suggested that a blue front door, bedroom and kitchen can each add more than $1000 to a home’s value. The same analysis found that a lack of color might decrease a home’s value. But before you run to Home Depot and buy the store’s entire inventory of blue paint, remember that people’s preferences for color are ever-changing and that this year’s hot color could be next year’s tired fad.

Which Colors Are Trending as We Enter 2019?

2019 will be the year of deep green and other earthy tones, such as various shades of gray and blue, according to international paints and coatings company PPG.

Consumer Reports predicted the colors that will be the biggest sellers in 2019, and it provides a detailed look at each of the entries. You should check that out to find out how the paints fare in Consumer Reports’ testing, but for easy reference, here are the colors they selected:

· Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan AF-690
· Clark+Kensington: Stainless Steel 37B-4
· HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Reflecting Pool HGSW2324
· Behr: Blueprint S470-5
· PPG Diamond: Night Watch PPG1145-7
· Valspar: Orange Slice 2002-1B
· Sherwin-Williams: Cavern Clay SW7701

Meanwhile, interior designers at Décor Aid were surveyed about which colors will be trending in 2019. They believe that hazelnut, lilac gray, dark greens, muted pastels, soft clay, mist and mushroom will be among the hottest choices.

Elle Décor not only points to several paint companies’ lists, it also provides its own. That list includes off-cream, misty blues, optimistic yellows, raw wood and soft terracottas.

Let Your Eyes Be Your Guide

How much time and energy you want to devote to your color choices is up to you. That’s the beauty of this process. If you love to geek out on color, then congratulations; you’ll never be short of options or countless articles, YouTube videos and TV shows on the subject. But if you find yourself exhausted by the search, then take comfort in the fact that no color auditor will knock on your door to find out if your choices are in keeping with industry trends.

When it’s your home’s color palette, you are the authority. Ask yourself what you like. Trust your instincts. And remember – paint isn’t permanent. There’s no penalty for changing your mind or letting your tastes evolve.
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